Electric hob, how many type they are?

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It looks like there are many choices out there, but there are actually 2 types: 1. Ceramic Hob and 2. Induction Hob.
They both look exactly the same only the induction hob will have the letters ?Induction? on the surface of the hob while the ceramic hob do not have. The prices of these 2 kinds are so much different. The induction hob price is most of the time double compare to the ceramic hob and there is a reason for that. Induction means generating electricity using magnetism, so the heat was generate from electromagnetism, simply the heat will go right thru the surface directly to the utensil, heat will be generated very quickly and food will be cooked with in a very short period of time. This hob works with specific utensil made for induction hob and steel made utensil only, and it will not work until the right utensil is put on the surface, as such, this hob has known to be safety appliances, and this hob will not burn your hand, only the utensil
While the heat from ceramic hob will generate at the surface of the hob and then from the surface to the utensil, as such the surface will be very hot and it will take longer time for the food inside the utensil to be cooked, once the hob is on, the surface of the hob will be heat right away, as such, this hob will burn everything on the surface. Good thing is ceramic hob works with any kind of the material of the utensil, whatever utensil you can use with gas hob, you can also use with ceramic hob.

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